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Make Your House Stand Out From The Rest

clean homes sell waynesboro vaThe housing market is still the slowest it’s been in decades. Many homeowners selling their homes are trying to find ways to make their home stand out from the rest. Some have the interior and exterior painting while some work on the landscaping. For less than most painting projects we can clean the roof, siding, decks, sidewalks and much more.

Very rarely does it occur to these people that their filthy, algae-covered roof may be keeping the buyers away!

A Clean Home Sells Faster

When a buyer drives up to your home, you want it to look its best. With so many homes on the market, you want them to leave with a good feeling of the upkeep. Cleaning the roof and other exterior areas of your home can help do just that. Sellers can’t afford to be this careless with the look of the home’s exterior. That bad “first impression” the buyer has often trumps any upgrades or features that are inside the house. “Dirty” roofs that are stained with algae, covered in lichen and moss could also catch the attention of a home inspector who might decide to make negative comments about it to his customers, who in turn, might offer much less then the asking price. The roof could be a deal breaker! The answer of course, is to clean the roof before it goes on the market. Save yourself the time and risk and hire a roof cleaner who utilizes the low pressure chemical only process recommended by the shingle manufacturers. Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning will never use more than 65 psi to clean your roof. The money you spend on your roof cleaning will easily be “paid back” with a better selling price, giving you extra money and a faster sale.

For more tips on selling your home with the help of our pressure washing services, please call Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning at 540-949-6277 or complete our online request form.

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Why Choose Us

When home and business owners in the Waynesboro area are looking for a pressure washing contractor they can trust to deliver an immaculate clean without damaging the surface or the finish of their home or business, they know to call in the pros at Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning. For nearly ten years, we have been delivering unmatched pressure washing services to all of our local customers, and we look forward to being around to help them for many more. If you are looking for a professional pressure washing company who will tailor their services to fit your specific cleaning needs, there is no need to look any farther than the experts here at Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning.

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