Until further notice, we will be wiping and sanitizing all exterior surfaces that could come in contact with hands with an EPA registered product at no additional charge.

Commercial Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning

A clean commercial exterior is going to make your business look sharp. Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning can help you with commercial pressure washing services. Our commercial surface cleaning service can be tailored to each Waynesboro client.

Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning offers pressure washing services to restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, fast food restaurants, and more.

We clean commercial entrances, walkways, tennis courts, fences, sidewalks, pool decks, and more. Let us help you make an excellent first impression that draws customers into your establishment.

Just call so we can assess your property and discuss your needs.

  • Tailored Commercial Surface Cleaning Service
  • Local & Reputable Pressure Washing Company
  • Commercial Pressure Washing In Virginia Since 2010

Commercial Entrances Cleaning

Our Waynesboro commercial surface cleaning experts can make the entrances to your commercial building sparkle today. The entrances to your commercial building are the first places to need pressure washing because of so much foot traffic.

All those soda spills, blackened gum wads, and stains do nothing to make your business look professional. We can remove all the stains from the concrete to make it look brand new again.

  • Safe & effective concrete cleaning
  • Stain removal solutions for entryways
  • Dirt, grime, grease, gum removal

Commercial Tennis Court Cleaning Service

Special care must be taken when cleaning the surfaces of a Waynesboro commercial tennis court. Our pressure washing specialists know how to clean your tennis courts without damaging the surface paint or material.

We tailor our tennis court cleaning service to meet the needs of the material it is made of and the needs of your business. Whether you own a private club or a public tennis court, we can keep it clean and properly preserved.

Commercial Fence Cleaning

Whether your fences are surrounding garbage bins or your entire commercial property, a good cleaning will help to preserve the wood and beautify your business.

Our hot water pressure washing is very effective to clean years of weathering on the surfaces of fences. Call us today for service and then follow up with fence cleaning every couple of years to keep them preserved.

Commercial Sidewalks & Walkways

Cleaning the surfaces of commercial sidewalks and walkways is easy when you have the equipment and skill to get the job done fast. Let us handle the cleaning of these concrete surfaces for you so you and your employees can focus on more important things.

We clean your sidewalks and walkways deep down for long-lasting results. In addition to keeping your sidewalks looking sharp, our pressure cleaning service will help to extend the lifespan of these surfaces.

Commercial Pool Deck Cleaning Service

Commercial pool decks need to be regularly cleaned to avoid slippery surfaces. We use a special soft wash cleaning solution that kills bacteria and other harmful pathogens on pool deck surfaces. This will remove algae, mildew, and mold, as well as brighten the surface of the concrete or paver pool deck.

Commercial pool deck maintenance needs to be done more often than cleaning other surfaces because the public is exposed to any mold or mildew. We recommend that you call us for pressure washing service once per year.

Photos of Our Commercial Surface Cleaning

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