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Life Hacks for Your Garden

Life hacks for your kitchen

Hack One: The best time to water your garden is in the morning!

Hack Two: Use white vinegar to kill weeds.

Hack Three: Plant lemongrass and catnip to deter mosquitoes. If you’re a cat person you can pick the lemongrass and catnip for them.

Hack Four: Pour the water you used to boiled eggs or veggies over your garden once it has cooled. There are beneficial nutrients in that water.

Hack Five: Sprinkle used tea leaves around your rosebush like topsoil. Tea contains an enzyme that rosebushes like.

Hack Six: Use seaweed as fertilizer. It’s full of nutrients and the salt will keep bugs away.

Hack Seven: Make use of cooking spices. Sprinkle a mixture of turmeric and cayenne pepper on your plants to keep critters from nibbling. Sprinkle cinnamon on seedlings to prevent fungal diseases

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